Transfer of copyright

On acceptance for publications the Signed author acts as authorized agent for all Named Authors of the Article, grants and assigns exclusively to the Publisher (CEEC) the worldwide copyright for the Article, which is protected by the Law.

For non-commercial purposes the Named Authors have right to:
    • make copies of the Article for teaching purposes;
    • include the Article (all or in part) in dissertation;
    • make oral presentations or include a summary in papers or in conference proceedings.

When the Article is in a different format the Named Authors have right to:
    • use the Article (all or in part) in personal compilations in own works; included in personal website;
    • include the Article (all or in part) in website of the Institution where a Named Author worked during research;
    • no sooner than 12 months after publication to include the Article (all or in part) on third party websites, but not in other publisher’s websites.


Author(s) of the accepted paper transfer the copyright to the publisher the Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (CEEC), represented by the Editorial Board. The paper will be published in the printed edition of E+E, and the abstract will appear at the Journal website. The paper will be disseminated in printed and electronic versions to multiple libraries and scientific databases. The authors declare that the adherence to copyright and plagiarism Laws, and adherence to Journal's ethics code is authors’ responsibility.

  Copyright Agreement

Starting from 2018 the articles in the Journal are published under "open access", making it easier to search in the science databases.

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